Industrias Forestales Arazatí S.A. is a company with more than 60 years’ experience in the production and commercialization of forestry products.

Located in Uruguay, over the Río de la Plata, it has plantations of Pines, Eucalyptus, and Salicaceae (poplars and willows).

The industrial plant is located in the department of San José, 87 km away from Montevideo, capital of Uruguay and one of the main ports of entry and departure of the country. It has an automatized sawmill and three drying chambers which allow lowering the wood’s humidity content, thereby enhancing its natural properties. There are also remanufacturing facilities for the elaboration of interior and outdoors finished products such as joinery (tongue and groove), floors, ceilings, moldings, decks, terraces, wall panels, and others.

In addition, the company exports logs of Eucalyptus grandis and tereticornis, poplars and willows (Populus and Salix).